I had an accident in Houston and tore my meniscus. Can I sue the person who caused my accident?

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I’m sorry to hear about your torn meniscus. Meniscus tears can be extremely painful. Menisci are layers of hard cartilage in the knees. They distribute weight evenly. Each knee has two menisci, one on the inside of the knee and one on the outside of the knee. When a meniscus is torn, it can cause the person to have pain and swelling in the knee, as well as very limited movement.

In some cases, meniscus tears occur naturally as people age. They can also occur in accidents. Slip and fall accidents, accidents in the workplace, and car accidents are all types of accidents that can commonly cause meniscus tears. Meniscus tears often happen when the knee twists forcefully, which can cause the femur to grind against the tibia.

Meniscus tears can be caused naturally as people age, or they can be caused by accidents. Some accidents that can commonly cause meniscus tears include car accidents, workplace accidents, and slip and fall accidents. A meniscus tear can happen when there is a forceful twisting of the knee, which causes the femur to grind against the tibia.

Surgery is frequently needed to fix a tear in the meniscus. There are several types of surgery that can be performed – it depends on how torn the meniscus is. In years past, doctors removed the whole meniscus, but now it may be repaired or only a portion removed.

If someone else has taken a negligent action in Houston that caused you to suffer a torn meniscus, you may be entitled to compensation for your damage. You can recover money for your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, rehab, and more. Call the Houston personal injury attorneys at Kennedy Hodges at 855-947-0707. We can help. Call today to learn more or to schedule a free consultation.

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