Your Doctor’s Negligence in Treating Your Baby’s Neonatal Sepsis Could Have Caused His Cerebral Palsy

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It is always distressing for parents when their newborn baby suffers health problems. It can become a nightmare if the baby developed neonatal sepsis—a deadly bacterial infection. Neonatal sepsis can lead to cerebral palsy if the doctor fails to recognize the symptoms promptly begin treatment. If a baby develops cerebral palsy, a long road filled with problems controlling muscles and limitations involving his vision, hearing, speech, and mental abilities. Financial hardships and expensive medical treatments could cause many problems.

10 Ways Your Doctor May Have Committed Malpractice

Early diagnosis and treatment of neonatal sepsis is a critical step to prevent a baby from suffering brain damage, seizures, cerebral Doctor in a White Coat With a Stethoscope Holding a Sepis Signpalsy, or even death. If a doctor even suspects the baby has this condition, treatment needs to be started immediately. Unfortunately, doctors do not always recognize the warning signs of this deadly infection—leading to life-altering consequences for the baby. Doctors can commit medical malpractice in a number of ways, including:

  • Failing to recognize the baby is at high risk of developing neonatal sepsis.
  • Failing to realize that the baby is experiencing symptoms of this infection.
  • Failing to promptly treat neonatal sepsis—even before the blood test results are known.
  • Failing to provide appropriate prenatal care and interventions during labor and delivery.
  • Failing to diagnose and treat a mother’s infection to prevent it from passing to the baby.
  • Failing to diagnose and treat a preterm baby.
  • Failing to quickly treat a baby’s fetal heart monitor changes or fetal distress.
  • Failing to properly resuscitate a newborn.
  • Failing to quickly deliver a baby in distress.
  • Failing to recognize that treating a baby’s infection with ceftriaxone could cause cerebral palsy.

If you suspect your baby’s cerebral palsy was caused by your doctor’s negligent treatment of his neonatal sepsis, you need to pursue your baby’s right to compensation from the doctor. Order our free book, Parents of Children With Cerebral Palsy May Have a Claim for Compensation, to start learning more about your legal options.


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