Oil, gas, and field workers and overtime pay

Galvin B. Kennedy
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Galvin Kennedy is a founding partner of Kennedy Hodges. He focuses his practice to overtime and wage claims.
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Overtime pay and federal labor lawsMany workers in the oil and gas industry are paid on a fixed salary, day rate or per job rate. Many times, field service workers, who usually provide service to a company's clients or help the company in its operations, can be paid in these ways.

If you are paid by a fixed salary, day rate, or per-job rate, read how the Fair Labor Standards Act law can mean you are owed money.

Many of the biggest oil and gas companies in Texas
 have been brought to court for allegedly violating wage and overtime laws, including  


-Kinder Morgan, 
-Moody International, and more.

Fixed Salary
A fixed salary is a certain dollar amount that does not change, regardless of the number of hours worked in a workweek. Many times, employees are misclassified under this category as independent contractors.

Day rate, or Per Diem Rates
Day rates are certain amounts paid to an employee on a per day basis. These payments can include amounts paid for working away from home. If you are paid a per diem rate, you should make sure you are paid according to the labor laws for your industry.

Per job rate, or Piece-Rate Pay
Employees paid on a piece-rate basis are paid a certain amount for a fixed amount of work, or unit of work they produce, regardless of how long the job takes. These employees may still be eligible for overtime pay and federal minimum wage.

Find out today if you are owed money under the Fair Labor Standards Act.
In many cases, field service workers are not exempt employees under the FLSA, meaning they are eligible for overtime pay when they work over 40 hours in a workweek. However, many employers pay these workers without paying them their overtime wages. 

If you believe you have been denied your wages, contact experienced overtime lawyers to start your free case review. You can call toll-free to start a free case review of your job duties: 1-888-449-2068. You can also send us a confidential contact form.

We have helped thousands of workers like you recover their unpaid wages nationwide. You can also order our free wage and overtime book to learn more about wage claims. 

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Field service workers can include field service engineers, oil and gas industry workers, repair technicians, and other workers, including:
  • Service Supervisor
  • Field Engineer
  • Field Coordinator
  • Field Office Clerk
  • Pipeline Inspector
  • Tool Pushers
  • Tankermen
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