Service technicians and repairmen denied proper wages and overtime

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Service technicians and repairmen denied overtimeThe Professional Handyman: Your paycheck needs repairs. Contact a wage attorney to fix this overtime problem.

If our firm listed all the companies with wage and hour lawsuits against them we would be writing for weeks. No matter what industry you work in you need to know that the repair and service industry has a high risk of cheating workers on their paycheck. We have filed class-action wage and overtime claims against multi-million dollar corporations on behalf of many repair technicians, service technicians and company equipment installers nationwide.

If you work in this industry, read how to fix wage and overtime issues and get back your hard-earned wages from your employer without ever having to pay a cent to an attorney.

Repair technicians and service workers not receiving minimum wage or overtime
No matter what pay structure you are under, most repair technicians and service technicians are eligible to receive overtime compensation.

  1. If you are an hourly employee, you are non-exempt and eligible to receive overtime.
  2. If you are a salary employee, you are still entitled to receive compensation for time worked in excess of 40 hours per week. 
  3. If you are paid on a piece rate basis, your hourly rate must be equal to or more than minimum wage. Therefore, if your work week is slow and you did not make enough to average minimum wage, then your employer must make up the difference. You are also eligible to receive overtime for time worked in excess of 40 hours per week.

Why your job duties need to be reviewed by a wage attorney.

No matter what level technician you may be, your actual job duties are the best determination of whether there has been a violation in your pay. Duties in this industry may include:
  • Travel to customer location to diagnose, troubleshoot and repair equipment
  • Install equipment and complete customer service calls
  • Complete routes and service area calls and respond to emergency service calls
  • Stock company delivery vehicle with needed parts and inventory.

What to do if you are not being paid fair wages or overtime.

Our employment lawyers can examine your pay stubs and find out if you are owed money without charging any fees. In fact, you never owe us a cent unless we can make a recovery for you. Make sure you are being paid fairly: call our wage lawyers at 888-449-2068 or send us a confidential contact form to start your free case review. You can also order our free book, The 10 Biggest Mistakes that can Hurt Your Wage or Overtime Claim.

Job positions that are often eligible for overtime

  • HVAC Cooler technician services - refrigeration service technicians, salesperson, installers
  • Printer/Copier repair technicians - Brother, Canon, Hewlett-Packard, Konica Minolta, Toshiba, IKON, Xerox
  • Electronic repair technicians
  • Vending/Fountain equipment technician - Coke, Pepsi,
  • Company Merchandisers
  • Direct Sales Representative
  • Cash Operations Manager
  • Field service technicians
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