2.3 Million Settlement for Jaguars Gold Club Exotic Dancers

On Christmas Eve 2014, a federal district court judge in Dallas approved a settlement agreement that would benefit 182 women who worked as exotic dancers for the Jaguars Gold Club from 2008 to 2013. The women were part of a class action lawsuit that alleged they were paid unfair wages and denied overtime pay that they earned at Jaguars Gold Clubs in Arizona and Texas.

Were These Women Jaguars Club Employees?

The lawsuit began in 2011 when three women sued Jaguars Gold Club and its owner. The women alleged they were full-time employees who worked more than 40-hour work weeks and that they were denied minimum wage and overtime pay as required by the federal Fair Labor Standards Act. Instead of being paid minimum wage and the required overtime, the women alleged that they were only working for tips that had to be shared among other workers at the clubs and that they had to pay a fee just to enter the Club to work.

Jaguars Gold Club disagreed with the dancers’ description of their employment. While the women maintained that they were full-time employees and thus covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Club owners maintained that the women were independent contractors who were allowed to perform at the Club, but who were not employees of the Club.

The Case Settled and the Women Are Compensated

After the case had been certified as a class action involving almost 200 people who worked for Jaguars Gold Club, and after legal discovery had been conducted—by us on behalf of the plaintiffs and by the defense attorneys on behalf of their clients—the parties agreed to settle the claim for $2,300,000. In their motion to the court, the parties both stated that they find this amount to be a fair and reasonable resolution of their dispute.

The settlement money was distributed among the plaintiffs according to how long they each worked for the Jaguars Gold Club.

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