Why does 3M continue to market and sell Bair Hugger if it can lead to dangerous infections during surgery?

When patients undergo a hip or knee replacement surgery, many doctors throughout the country utilize the Bair Hugger forced-air Manufacturers Promote Use of Bair Hugger Forced-Air Warming Device Despite Riskspatient warming device. This device looks much like a blanket, and is designed to help maintain a patient’s body temperature during the procedure. Unfortunately, the device has also been linked to deep joint infections that can lead to permanent disability, amputation, and other risks. The Bair Hugger reportedly discharges air underneath the surgical table during a procedure, which then picks up germs and recirculates the contaminated air into the surgical site. Patients suffering from an infection following a surgical procedure involving the Bair Hugger have begun filing lawsuits against the makers of the device, 3M, and Arizant Healthcare Inc. Despite the pending legal actions against them, the companies continue to sell and promote the use of the device.

4 Arguments Put Forth by the Makers of the Bair Hugger Device

Why does 3M continue to encourage the use of the Bair Hugger device despite the pending lawsuits? The company has thus far responded as follows, making the below claims:

  1. The single-use Bair Hugger device reportedly does not heat the entire operating room to uncomfortable levels during the surgical procedure.
  2. Maintaining a normal body temperature during surgery has been shown to reduce the risk of surgical infections and other complications.
  3. The company is confident in the “safety and efficacy” of the use of the Bair Hugger device.
  4. The company notes that the device is used in millions of surgeries each year.

Despite the company’s claims, some patients have undoubtedly suffered significant injuries as a result of an infection attributed to Bair Hugger. One patient required 15 surgeries to address his infection. Another patient had his leg amputated after an infection developed during a knee replacement surgery.

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