I have left my Houston computer IT job. Can they withhold my last paycheck until I return my work equipment?

According to the Texas Payday Law, an employer is not allowed to withhold a paycheck for work rendered, regardless of the amount or value of the employer’s property the employee is still holding. The only time wages can be withheld from an employee is when authorized by the law, when ordered by a court of law, or when the employer has written authorization from the employee agreeing to the deductions.

The law also states that if an employer wishes to recover the property, business managers must do it through other ways: for example, by a lawsuit in small claims court, by contacting the police, or through an alternative arrangement with the employee other than withholding wages. If an employee fears she will have her check held without returning all the property, the employer is at a great advantage.

Computer repair operators, cable installers, information technology specialists, and sales representatives are among the categories of workers who most often have disputes with former employers over business property. However, a Texas employer who withholds pay illegally can intimidate any worker in any job.

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