Am I entitled to compensation if I am suffering from low hemoglobin as a result of using Xarelto?

Patients at risk of developing blood clots have often been subscribed the blood thinner Xarelto, a drug manufactured by Janssen Pharmaceutical. Unfortunately, despite the company’s claims otherwise, some of these patients have developed severe side effects as a result of using the drug. While the most serious potential complication associated with Xarelto use is internal bleeding, there are other complications that can impact a patient’s daily life as well. One such complication is low hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is a protein in red blood cells that is responsible for carrying oxygen throughout the body. Patients who develop low hemoglobin must seek medical treatment.

Did You Suffer Side Effects From Xarelto? You May Be Entitled to Compensation

Increasingly, patients who have taken Xarelto and suffered side effects are filing lawsuits against the drug’s manufacturer. The company is accused of failing to warn of the dangers associated with the use of its medication. Patients who suffer harm after taking Xarelto may be entitled to compensation for their losses, including suffering associated with side effects such as low hemoglobin. If you took Xarelto and experienced complications as a result, we encourage you to do the following:

  1. Contact an experienced and knowledgeable attorney. It is important to have a strong legal team in your corner.
  2. Document your use of Xarelto and the various side effects you have experienced.
  3. Keep records of all of the medical treatment you have required as a result of using the drug.
  4. Gather a list of the expenses you have incurred caused by the side effects of Xarelto.
  5. Take action quickly. Every state has a maximum time limitation during which patients must file their injury claim. It is important not to delay so that you do not accidentally miss your window in which to file suit.

When you are ready to proceed, we can help. We have assisted many injured patients who suffered harm as a result of a dangerous drug or defective medical device. We encourage you to check out our many client testimonials to learn more.