Commonly Asked Xarelto Questions

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  • Am I entitled to compensation if I am suffering from low hemoglobin as a result of using Xarelto?

    Patients at risk of developing blood clots have often been subscribed the blood thinner Xarelto, a drug manufactured by Janssen Pharmaceutical. Unfortunately, despite the company’s claims otherwise, some of these patients have developed severe side effects as a result of using the drug. While the most serious potential complication associated with Xarelto use is internal bleeding, there are other complications that can impact a patient’s daily life as well. One such complication is low hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is a protein in red blood cells that is responsible for carrying oxygen throughout the body. Patients who develop low hemoglobin must seek medical treatment.

    Did You Suffer Side Effects From Xarelto? You May Be Entitled to Compensation

    Increasingly, patients who have taken Xarelto and suffered side effects are filing lawsuits against the drug’s manufacturer. The company is accused of failing to warn of the dangers associated with the use of its medication. Patients who suffer harm after taking Xarelto may be entitled to compensation for their losses, including suffering associated with side effects such as low hemoglobin. If you took Xarelto and experienced complications as a result, we encourage you to do the following:

    1. Contact an experienced and knowledgeable attorney. It is important to have a strong legal team in your corner.
    2. Document your use of Xarelto and the various side effects you have experienced.
    3. Keep records of all of the medical treatment you have required as a result of using the drug.
    4. Gather a list of the expenses you have incurred caused by the side effects of Xarelto.
    5. Take action quickly. Every state has a maximum time limitation during which patients must file their injury claim. It is important not to delay so that you do not accidentally miss your window in which to file suit.

    When you are ready to proceed, we can help. We have assisted many injured patients who suffered harm as a result of a dangerous drug or defective medical device. We encourage you to check out our many client testimonials to learn more.


  • What can I include as damages after an injury caused by Xarelto use?

    With hundreds of lawsuits currently pending, the dangers associated with the use of the drug Xarelto are becoming well known against the medical and patient communities. This drug was originally marketed as a “better” alternative to popular blood-thinner Coumadin, due to its lack of monitoring requirement. Unfortunately, many patients who took the drug later suffered serious injuries or even death as a result. Several of these patients are now pursuing legal action against the designer, manufacturer, and marketers of this medication. Some of these lawsuits accuse the defendants of fraudulent misrepresentation. If you were injured after taking Xarelto, you may be entitled to pursue a claim for compensation as a result of your damages.

    Ten Potential Damages Following Xarelto Use

    In the lawsuits alleging fraudulent misrepresentation, the following are examples of the damages that are stated:

    1. Life-threatening or fatal bleeding
    2. Severe and personal injuries
    3. Physical pain
    4. Mental anguish
    5. Diminished enjoyment of life
    6. Loss of consortium
    7. Shortened life expectancy
    8. Expenses for hospitalization and treatment
    9. Loss of earnings
    10. Attorney fees and other legal fees

    The types of damages that you suffered as a result of your Xarelto use depend largely on the unique facts and circumstances surrounding your case. An experienced attorney can help you determine the best way to pursue a claim for compensation in order to maximize your chances of being made whole after suffering injury by this drug. If you are interested in learning more, we are here to help. Check out our many client testimonials to learn more about how we have helped other families obtain the compensation that they deserve.


  • I was prescribed Xarelto and suffered adverse side effects as a result, can I sue?

    When a drug manufacturer fails to provide adequate warning to patients and physicians of a drug’s potential side effects and also fails to develop an antidote in order to minimize or prevent injury, it may be liable to victims who suffer injury or death as a result of using the drug. This is the case with the widely used blood thinner Xarelto. Hundreds of lawsuits are currently pending against the drug’s manufacturers as an increasing number of patients report dangerous side effects, injuries, and in some cases, death. Victims should consider pursuing a claim if they suffered injury after using the drug.

    Parties Who Should Consider a Xarelto Lawsuit

    Who can file a Xarelto lawsuit? The following is an overview:

    • Patients who suffered serious injury after using Xarelto. Often, these injuries involve serious internal bleeding in the stomach, intestines, or brain. These patients are entitled to seek compensation for their past, present, and future medical bills. They may also seek compensation for lost income, loss of future productivity, and emotional suffering.
    • If a patient took Xarelto and died as a result, their family members may file a Xarelto lawsuit. Family members may seek compensation for loss of consortium and companionship, reimbursement of medical expenses, funeral expenses, and psychological distress.

    As with any type of injury, victims have only a limited period of time within which to file a claim after taking a dangerous medication. If you or a loved one became injured after using Xarelto, it is important to act quickly in order to protect your legal rights. We encourage you to check out our many client testimonials to learn more.


  • I was injured after taking Xarelto, am I entitled to compensation?

    When a patient is prescribed a drug by a physician, it is reasonable for that patient to expect that the benefits of the medication outweigh any potential risks. Unfortunately, the manufacturers of one drug, Xarelto, may have failed to provide adequate warning to patients and their physicians as to the true dangers associated with its use. As a result, many patients have taken the drug without having full knowledge of the risks they were facing. This drug has now been linked to severe injuries and even death. Many lawsuits have now been filed as a result. If you were injured after taking this medication, you may be entitled to compensation.

    Three Examples of Lawsuits Filed Following Xarelto Use

    The drug’s manufacturer and its marketer, Bayer and Johnson & Johnson, are both the targets of lawsuits after injuries relating to Xarelto use. Some of the lawsuits currently being pursued include the following:

    1. A lawsuit filed in Pennsylvania by a patient who developed an uncontrolled brain bleed after taking the drug.
    2. A lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida by the wife of a patient who experienced uncontrolled bleeding following Xarelto use. The patient ultimately died as a result.
    3. A lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Vermont by the family of a man who died after suffering uncontrolled brain bleeding. In this case, the patient reportedly suffered the internal bleeding just 10 days after he began taking the drug.

    If you were injured following use of this drug, it is important to seek legal assistance. An experienced attorney can help you determine whether you have a potential claim for compensation. We have helped many clients obtain the compensation that they deserve. We encourage you to check out our many client testimonials to learn more.


  • What types of bleeding have been linked to taking the dangerous drug Xarelto?

    Since 2011, Xarelto has been used as a blood thinner to prevent blood cots and strokes in patients. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved this medication for use by patients who have undergone hip or knee replacement surgeries, patients with atrial fibrillation, and patients with pulmonary embolism, or deep vein thrombosis. Unfortunately, the use of Xarelto has also been linked to serious injuries and even death.

    Five Types of Bleeding Linked to the Drug Xarelto

    Why is this drug so dangerous? Xarelto does not have an antidote in order to stop any uncontrollable bleeding. This is perhaps the most serious side effect associated with the drug. Studies have shown a link between the taking of Xarelto and the following types of dangerous bleeding:

    1. Spinal bleeding
    2. Rectal bleeding
    3. Intestinal bleeding
    4. Abdominal bleeding
    5. Bleeding in the brain

    Perhaps even more frightening is the fact that internal bleeding such as that described above is not always associated with obvious symptoms. Instead, victims may experience blood in their stool, fatigue, pale skin, abdominal swelling, bruising, dizziness, and stroke-like symptoms. Many of these symptoms can mistakenly be attributed to other causes. The internal bleeding caused by Xarelto will continue until the medication is flushed out of the body. This could lead to serious complications and even death. The risks are especially high when the bleeding occurs close to a major bodily organ or pools of blood begin to form inside the body.

    It is important to help educate your friends and loved ones about the dangers of this drug. It has been shown to be especially dangerous for pregnant women, people taking platelet inhibitors, people taking NSAIDS or other medications that can impact blood clotting, patients using epidural catheters, and patients with a history of spinal trauma or spinal surgery. We encourage you to help spread the word by sharing a link to this article on Facebook or Twitter.


  • What are the symptoms that could mean that taking Xarelto has caused a bleeding problem?

    After undergoing double bypass surgery, your doctor prescribed a blood thinner called Xarelto to help prevent blood clotting and lessen the chance of a stroke. Having just survived a terrifying surgery, your confidence in your doctor’s decisions was extremely high. However, once you got home and started taking the meds, you began to feel a little “off.”

    You became extremely tired, dizzy, and weak. Although you first attributed these effects to the fact that you just had open heart surgery, you began to get worried when you started coughing up blood. Is this normal after surgery, or is it a sign that something is wrong? How will you know if the medication is causing adverse side effects? When should you seek medical attention to be sure?

    Xarelto Bleeding Symptoms

    Throughout 2014, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) monitored the blood thinner known as Xarelto, as a result of several accusations relating to its safety. Studies concurred that under certain circumstances, Xarelto could cause excessive bleeding which—if not controlled—could be fatal. In response to these dangers, the FDA issued letters to Xarelto’s manufacturer (Janssen Research and Development, LLC.), encouraging new labels and side effect warnings.

    Paul Burton, M.D., Ph.D., Vice President, Clinical Development of Janssen Research & Development, replied to the FDA’s letter by stating that:

    “We remain committed to providing patients who have suffered from acute coronary syndrome with additional protection against stent thrombosis and secondary life-threatening cardiovascular events. We are evaluating the contents of the letters and will determine the appropriate next steps.”

    In the meantime, while Janssen “evaluates the letters” and decides how to best represent their product along with your safety, you should stay aware of any potential side effects of the drug. Seek medical attention immediately if you feel that there may be a problem, and call your doctor if you witness or develop any of the following specific symptoms of bleeding:

    • Unexpected bleeding or bleeding that lasts a long time
    • Excessive nosebleeds
    • Unusual bleeding of the gums
    • Menstrual bleeding that is heavier than normal, or vaginal bleeding
    • Bleeding that is severe or that you cannot control
    • Red, pink, or brown urine
    • Bright red or black stools (looks like tar)
    • Coughing up blood or blood clots
    • Vomiting blood or vomit that looks like “coffee grounds”
    • Constant headaches
    • Dizziness
    • Fatigue
    • Loss of strength
    • Blurred vision
    • Bloodshot eyes
    • Excessive bruising
    • Color changes in skin (pale or bright red)
    • Numbness in your extremities
    • Pain, swelling, or new drainage at wound sites
    • Blackouts
    • Seizures

    Protecting Your Loved Ones

    Although blood thinners are great for preventing blood clots and potential strokes after surgery, the mere fact that they stop your blood from clotting can put you at risk for bleeding out. To decrease your risks, make sure you speak to your doctor about any side effects and drug interactions, and what to do if you experience bleeding symptoms.

    You can also help your friends and family get the information they need by sharing this article on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Your loved ones may not be aware of the potential danger their Xarelto prescriptions may put them in. Use your social media to raise awareness, and possibly help save a life.

    For more information about Xarelto and other dangerous drugs, like us on Facebook. We periodically discuss FDA warnings and can also help you decide whether filing a legal claim against a drug manufacturer is right for you.