I am a hotel housekeeping employee and I am only paid for 40 hours, even though I work almost 60 hours a week. Is this legal?

No, this is usually not legal. If you work in a hotel in the housekeeping department you are generally considered to be an hourly-paid, non-exempt employee. Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, if you are a non-exempt employee you must be paid an overtime premium for every hour over 40 that you work in a workweek.

This applies to all non-exempt employees under the federal wage laws.

Many employers take advantage of low-wage workers and deny them their overtime pay, or even minimum wage. Wage theft occurs in all industries and if you believe you are not being paid what you are owed, you can call our employment lawyers to determine if you have a possible wage claim.

We have helped hundreds of employees nationwide to recover their back wages, including: hotel employees, wait staff, kitchen employees, tipped employees, service technicians, and more.

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