I worked during Daylight Savings Time but my employer said he is not required to pay me for the extra hour worked. Is this true?

The Department of Labor (DOL) has regulations for Daylight Savings Time and how it affects your paycheck. It states that if you work that extra hour when the time change ends it is compensable time.

The Fair Labor Standards Act requires your employer to pay you for all hours you work. If your emplopyer does not pay you minimum wage or overtime contact our employment lawyers for a free review of your job duties to find out if you are owed money under the FLSA.

Has your boss told you that your extra hour is not paid? Call our wage lawyers at 888-449-2068 for a free case review. You can also send us a contact form to tell us about your case.

How to make sure your paycheck reflects Daylight Savings Time.

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