Can I still pursue a wage claim against the gas company if I’m highly paid despite my unpaid overtime?

Many fieldworkers in the oil and gas industries are afraid to pursue the back pay they are owed because they believe that they make too much to worry about it. However, although many positions in the field are highly compensated, it doesn’t give your employer free license to abuse your wage rights. Your rights to appropriate pay are protected under the law, and neither you nor your employer can choose to ignore the law.

Unfortunately, lots of employers in the oil and gas industries attempt to “hide” wage abuses under generous starting salaries for their fieldworkers, especially in areas with new drilling prospects. Workers may be hesitant to report any complaints about wages because they are already so highly compensated, but truth is that many of them are working a shocking number of unpaid hours for the paycheck they do bring home.

No matter how much or how little you make, you have a right to pursue a wage claim if your employer isn’t paying you appropriately. If you’re feeling a little guilty about pursuing a wage claim against an employer who is already compensating you generously, realize that your claim isn’t about personal greed—it’s about your employer following the laws that protect its workforce.

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Galvin B. Kennedy
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