What are the allegations against Risperdal’s manufacturer?

Patients suffering from mental illness often turn to their physicians for help with managing their symptoms. In some cases, doctors may prescribe medication. One type of anti-psychotic drug that has been prescribed for certain conditions is known as Risperdal. The drug is manufactured by Janssen Pharmaceuticals, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. The drug was first approved for use in individuals suffering from schizophrenia. It was later approved for treating bipolar disorder and irritability associated with autism spectrum disorders. Unfortunately, the use of the drug has since been linked to several potentially harmful side effects. Some patients who have taken the drug are accusing Janssen Pharmaceuticals of wrongdoing, and are pursuing lawsuits against the company as a result.

Five Accusations Against Risperdal’s Manufacturer

What are some of the accusations being made against Janssen Pharmaceuticals with regard to its drug Risperdal? The following is an overview:

  1. The manufacturer of the drug unlawfully promoted its use.
  2. The manufacturer of the drug marketed the medication for off-label uses. This means that the uses it promoted were not U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved.
  3. The manufacturer of the drug illegally incentivized medical professionals to prescribe their drug. Some of the perks that were allegedly offered to doctors included golf trips and drugs in exchange for prescribing the medication.
  4. The manufacturer should have noticed the potential side effects of the drug during its clinical trials of the medication.
  5. The manufacturer failed to discover the serious and life-altering side effects associated with Risperdal use during the rigorous testing process that the medication should have undergone before it was sold. Or, in the alternative, the company did discover these side effects, but chose to keep it a secret.

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