How are the claims being made against Bayer and Johnson & Johnson related to Xarelto use?

When Xarelto was first approved for use in 2011, it was touted as a better alternative to the popular drug Coumadin. Doctors began to widely prescribe the drug as a result. Unfortunately, many patients have since suffered serious injury and even death due to their use of Xarelto. Even after becoming aware of these injuries and deaths, the drug’s creators, Bayer and Johnson & Johnson, reportedly continued to market the drug and failed to take steps to reduce these risks. Millions of Americans were exposed to the risk of serious injury as a result.

Seven Failures of Xarelto Manufacturers That Have Led to Injury

Patients injured due to Xarelto use are now pursuing legal action against Bayer and Johnson & Johnson. The companies stand accused of much wrongdoing, including the following:

  1. Failed to provide adequate warnings about the risks associated with the use of Xarelto.
  2. Failed to update its warnings when the severity of these risks became known.
  3. Failed to issue a “Dear Doctor” letter to physicians regarding the risks of Xarelto use after a large number of users suffered severe and life-threatening injuries.
  4. Failed to recall the drug after the use of Xarelto resulted in injury and death in a large number of patients.
  5. Withheld information about the lack of an effective antidote for the bleeding issues associated with Xarelto use.
  6. Sold a drug that is unreasonably dangerous and defective.
  7. Aggressively marketed and encouraged doctors to use Xarelto, despite it being more dangerous and expensive than other alternatives.

If you or a loved one suffered injury as a result of using Xarelto, you may have a claim for compensation against Bayer and Johnson & Johnson. An experienced attorney can help guide you through the process of protecting your legal rights. We encourage you to contact us today for a complimentary consultation at 888-894-0119.


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