I perform both inside and outside sales duties as part of my job. Am I exempt from overtime?

These days, many people turn to online resources when they have a question. This first, information-gathering step is important for helping you understand your rights and what to do next, but when it comes to employment law, it often creates more questions than it answers. As a sales representative, you probably learned a lot about inside sales versus outside sales and what it means for your paycheck when you turned to Google for answers, but still it may not be entirely clear where you fit. As you learn more and run into more detailed questions, it’s time to consult directly with an attorney who can help you analyze your concerns more deeply.

No Easy Answers for Sales Representatives Who Wear Many Hats at Work

In truth, sales representatives perform a number of duties as part of their jobs, and these job duties don’t always fit neatly into one classification status or the other. For some employees, who split their time at work between and inside and outside sales, it can be extremely difficult to determine if you’re even eligible for overtime pay without a more thorough review with a legal guide.

Holding Employers Responsible for Paying Appropriate Wages and Overtime

While it’s simple enough to ask an employee to perform multiple duties, it isn’t always simple to make sure that employees are being compensated appropriately when employers ask them to step outside the bounds of their stated job duties. If you believe that there may be a problem with how you are paid overtime as a sales representative, or if you simply have questions about your rights, don’t hesitate to call or email our experienced team today for a thorough review of your concerns and more information about taking action.

Galvin B. Kennedy
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