Am I entitled to compensation for the cost of my child’s treatment for Erb’s palsy?

Following a difficult labor and delivery, your child may suffer from a birth injury known as Erb’s palsy. The impact of this type of injury can range from mild to severe. Many babies suffering from Erb’s palsy require extensive treatment in order to recover. Patients are often referred to a treatment center where they are overseen by a team made up of neurologists, neurosurgeons, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and orthopedic surgeons.

Six Potential Treatments for Erb’s Palsy

What are some of the common types of treatment that a baby suffering from Erb’s palsy may have to endure? The following is an overview:

  1. Surgery. When surgery is recommended, it is usually performed within the first three to six months after birth.
  2. Exploratory surgery. This type of surgery is typically performed to remove scar tissue and neuromas in an attempt to repair the affected nerve. The doctor may also transplant a nerve from another part of the body in an attempt to repair nerve ruptures.
  3. Physical therapy. Erb’s palsy patients are often treated with gentle massages around the affected arm, range of motion exercises to improve arm strength and flexibility, and exercises to address nerve function.
  4. Botox injections into the affected area.
  5. Application of electrical stimulation to the affected area.
  6. Home care. Parents of Erb’s palsy patients are often instructed to gently massage their baby and perform physical therapy exercises while at home.

Unfortunately, the costs associated with these treatments can add up quickly. Victims and their families may need to pursue a legal claim against the delivering doctor or hospital in order to obtain compensation for these and other costs. We are here to help. Check out our many client testimonials to learn more about how we have helped other families obtain the compensation that they deserve.


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