Are warnings about Benicar use side effects sufficient to protect the maker from suit?

Simply because a drug company reveals that there is a potential for negative side effects following the use of certain medication does not excuse the drug company from potential liability. Some patients, for example, may have used the drug before the warnings were made prominent or public and are only now experiencing the adverse side effects. This issue is highlighted in the recent lawsuits involving the use of the medication Benicar. While the warning labels for this drug were updated in 2013, many patients are still pursuing lawsuits against the drug’s maker.

5 Facts About Benicar Use and Warnings of Adverse Side Effects

What are the issues relating to warnings and side effects associated with Benicar use? The following is an overview:

  • Information about the potentially harmful side effects associated with Benicar use, including the risk of sprue-like enteropathy, was not added to the warning label until late in 2013.
  • This revised warning label indicated that Benicar use may cause chronic diarrhea and weight loss.
  • In addition, the revised warning label did not state until late 2013 that the risk of chronic diarrhea and weight loss may not appear until months or years after first using the drug.
  • The updated warning label did not exist until more than 10 years after the drug was first approved for use.
  • Further, the updated warning label did not exist until nearly a year after an independent report highlighted the number of Benicar users suffering from Celiac-like symptoms. This report was published in the May edition of Clinic Proceedings and showed that the symptoms stopped after medication use was discontinued.

Patients injured by Benicar use often claim that the drug’s maker did not do enough to warn them of the potential side effects. If you suffered such an injury, we can help you pursue a claim for compensation. We encourage you to check out our many client testimonials to learn more.


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