Wage and Overtime 101: Part Two - The Basics of Overtime and Wage Claims under the FLSA

Wage and Overtime InformationOvertime and Wage Claims Under the FLSA

You have overcome your fears and you are ready to take action. That's good news. So, now what?  The first step in moving forward to recovering your wages is to contact a qualified employment attorney. If you contact our office, we will gather basic data about your employment situation such as the following:

  • Name of your employer and nature of the business
  • Your actual job responsibilities (which might be different from your title and job description)
  • Dates of employment
  • How you were paid (hourly, salary, commission, piece rate, project rate, base plus tips, etc.)
  • Number of hours you work per week

Based on your answers to those questions, we can sometimes conclude if you have a valid claim and then review your options.  For cases that fall in a gray area, we will need additional information. The following subjects might be relevant to your particular situation:

This is just to give you an idea of the myriad of subjects that might arise. Once we've concluded that there has been a wage violation and that you have a valid claim, we will perform a rough calculation of the value of your claim based on your time records, payroll data and the other information you provide.

We can usually find components of your claim that you might not have considered.  For example, you might not have considered your lunch period as compensable time, but it is compensable if you are required to perform any type of work during that "lunch break."  There are hundreds of examples of work being done off the clock without pay.

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Wage and Overtime Basics