FLSA Collective Actions Can Help Oilfield Workers Get Their Unpaid Wages

If you’ve read about any of the wage abuse cases that have been brought by oilfield employees in Texas and in other “hot spots” for the fossil-fuel industry, you’ve probably seen the term “collective action.” Many large wage claims and claims against national-level companies gain collective-action status before they are resolved—but how does “collective action” help oilfield workers claim the wages they’re owed?

How a Collective Action for Unpaid Overtime Differs From Individual Claims

In a collective action, multiple employees with very similar kinds of problem can join forces to hold the gas company responsible and claim their unpaid wages. In an individual claim, you are only holding your employer responsible for your own wages under the law. Although the choice is partially up to you, not every claim will qualify for collective-action status, and it’s extremely important that you seek an attorney’s input before you take any action. 

The Benefits of an FLSA Collective Action

Although it isn’t the right choice in every case, there are benefits to collective-action status in many cases involving oilfield workers. Collective-action status helps add weight and momentum to claims for unpaid overtime, which benefits oilfield employees by:

  • Adding credibility to individual claims
  • Making a bigger statement to large, national companies
  • Helping establish a pattern of payroll problems that must be addressed

How Oilfield Workers in Texas and Around the Nation Can Get Help With Wage Abuses

An experienced wage attorney will be crucial in helping you determine if collective-action status might be right for your unpaid overtime complaint, and luckily, it’s easy to start getting help with your concerns—without risk or obligation. If you work in the fossil-fuel industry and have questions about overtime pay, request your copy of our FREE book, 10 Biggest Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Wage & Overtime Claim, which will walk you through the basics and address some of the most common questions our team hears from our clients. You can also get immediate assistance with your questions by calling or emailing our team today.