Does Your Employer Ignore or Deduct the Overtime Hours You Report?

Some employers understand that overtime hours are sometimes necessary, and they make plans to pay employees appropriately and track the extra hours that are worked. However, some employers attempt to cut corners and save money by denying their employees the overtime pay they are entitled to—even though they are putting in those hours to benefit the company. The sad truth is that some employers may even go as far as erasing reported overtime hours from timesheets or pressuring employees into working “off the clock” in order to save the bottom line. However, employers that attempt to ignore or hide their employees’ overtime hours could be making a big—and costly—mistake when it comes to the law.

Employers Can’t Hide the Unpaid Overtime Hours You Work

It is illegal for employers to change timesheets or force employees to work without appropriate pay. Despite this, some employers continue to try to “hide” overtime hours for non-exempt employees by:

  • Expecting or encouraging employees to work unpaid hours. Does your employer encourage you to work “off the clock” or avoid “officially” logging the overtime hours you worked? Are you generally expected to eat at your desk over your lunch break? Does your supervisor turn a blind eye when you work for hours after your shift should have ended? These are all big signs that your employer is not correctly tracking or paying your overtime hours.
  • Deducting overtime hours reported on time cards. Do you report your hours only to find that your supervisor has “corrected” your time sheet? Are you working overtime hours that never seem to show up on your paycheck? If so, it’s time to start finding out the truth about your rights and why you aren’t being paid for the time you report.

Many workers accept illegal pay practices because they do not understand their rights as employees or are simply afraid to pursue the topic with their employers. If you suspect that your employer may be breaking the law, or if you simply have questions about calculating appropriate overtime pay, reach out to our friendly Houston legal team today for clear and confidential answers.