Many exotic dancers owed overtime in Houston never speak up

With most patrons wanting to party well into the wee hours of the morning, many times it is not difficult for Houston exotic dancers to work long shifts well exceeding the typical 8 hours. 
Even if a club or disco that features dancers cuts off their alcohol sales at a certain time, it is not uncommon for the DJ to keep playing music, and for the dancers to have to continue their work on stage and in the private VIP areas. 
While the long hours can be tiring, at least the dancers can look forward to receiving overtime pay, at one and a half times their normal hourly rate for all hours over forty worked in one week. Houston Dancers owed overtime have the right to be paid the extra wages in their weekly or biweekly paychecks, according to mandates set up by the Fair Labor Standards Act. 
Unfortunately what often ends up happening is the following:

  • The club owner or employer misclassifies the dancers as independent contractors, claiming that they are not entitled to overtime pay. 


  • The dancers are paid “under the table” in cash at the end of the night. 


  • The employers tell the dancers that their pay comes in the form of tips from the patrons who contribute money during their dances. 


  • The dancers are paid by the night, instead of being set up on a regular weekly or biweekly schedule.

All of the above tactics are illegal. Exotic dancers are entitled to overtime in Houston and all parts of the country, and they are also not required to share their tips with other hourly-paid employees like the DJ. But often exotic dancers are afraid that voicing their concern about the unfair wage practices will cause them to lose their much-needed jobs. Others just figure that the money they make is good enough and that their boss may be angry at them for asking for the additional overtime. 
That is why the Texas fair wage lawyers at Kennedy Hodges provide all Houston exotic dancers owed overtime with completely confidential consultations, at no charge. Their goal is to provide dancers with information on their rights, as well as give them options for obtaining the money that is rightfully theirs. 
If you are a Houston dancer who is owed overtime, contact Kennedy Hodges immediately at 888.449.2068 to schedule your free case evaluation and receive a free copy of their book, Ten Biggest Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Wage and Overtime Claim.