Bleeding Caused by Xarelto? There May Be No Way to Stop it

Gabriel A. Assaad
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By now, many people are aware of the dangerous risk of side effects that accompany use of the drug Xarelto. There are currently hundreds of lawsuits pending against the drug’s manufacturers. These lawsuits accuse such parties as Bayer Corporation and Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc., of knowingly marketing and distributing the dug despite being aware of the risk of serious internal bleeding. In addition, the drug was put on the market without a known antidote being available. Unfortunately, this has resulted in severe injuries and even death for some patients who have taken the drug.

Unlike Competing Drugs, Xarelto Has No Antidote

For the unlikely patients who have taken Xarelto and experienced internal bleeding, there is sadly little that can be done to stop the bleeding once it begins. Xarelto is a blood thinner meant to reduce the risk of stroke. Unfortunately, when the blood is thinned, it is much more difficult to control than when blood is in its normal state. Xarelto was marketed to physicians and patients as being a better drug than its main competitor, Coumadin, also known as Warfarin. One of the main advantages that was touted was that the drug required less monitoring than its competitor. With no available antidote to reverse the potential side effect of internal bleeding, however, this lack of monitoring appears to be less of an advantage than was previously thought. Careful monitoring procedures can often help prevent hemorrhages.

Coumadin use is accompanied by a known solution in the event that internal bleeding occurs, as outlined below:

  • Coumadin requires strict monitoring of the patient when administering the drug. This helps to minimize the risk of hemorrhaging.
  • If hemorrhaging begins, vitamin K is administered into the bloodstream.
  • If Vitamin K is administered quickly, the blood thinning effects of Warfarin are reversed.
  • With the blood thinning effects of the drug stopped, any hemorrhaging is usually stopped because the blood is then allowed to clot.

Since internal bleeding can cause serious injury and even death, the fact that Xarelto was pushed on the market without an available remedy is shocking to many. If you or a loved one suffered an injury related to use of this drug, we can help. We encourage you to check out our many case results to learn more.