No Reversal Agent Available to Help Xarelto Patients With Internal Bleeding

In November 2011, the drug Xarelto was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the prevention of strokes. The drug was marketed by its maker as being a better alternative to the widely-prescribed drug Coumadin. The manufacturer claims that Xarelto is easier to take and requires less monitoring during treatment. Unfortunately, since its use began approximately three years ago, the drug has been associated with adverse side effects, including uncontrollable bleeding. Unlike its competitor Coumadin, however, there is currently no reversal agent for Xarelto. If a patient experiences adverse effects while taking Coumadin, doctors are able to reverse it through a dose of vitamin K.

Six Facts About Xarelto and the Lack of a Reversal Agent

  • Xarelto’s maker withheld critical warnings when the medication was introduced.
  • Xarelto’s maker did not fully research all possible antidotes for the drug before it began aggressively marketing it.
  • Many of the severe and fatal injuries suffered as a result of Xarelto use were caused by brain bleeding, gastrointestinal bleeding, kidney bleeding, and other forms of hemorrhaging.
  • If a reversal agent had been readily available to physicians, many of these injuries and deaths may have been avoided.
  • Doctors were left unable to stop the bleeding, leading to deaths and an increase in the severity of injuries.
  • If the lack of reversal agent had been made known to patients and physicians, many may have opted to use a different medication. The only warning pertaining to this fact is contained deep within the drug’s warning label and is vague with its information.

Unfortunately, the drug maker appears to have put forth very little effort to test for possible reversal agents that may have made the drug safer for patients to use. At the same time, they aggressively marketed the drug without fully researching its potential side effects. This was a dangerous combination that has now had a devastating impact on many injured patients.

Patients injured as a result of Xarelto use may have a claim for compensation. It is important to seek guidance from an experienced attorney. We have successfully represented many clients in their pursuit of legal claims after using a drug that turned out to be dangerous. We encourage you to contact us today for a free consultation at 888-894-0119.