What Oil & Gas Field Workers Should Know Before Meeting With Employers About Unpaid Overtime Hours

Fieldworkers for oil and gas companies around the nation often have trouble getting the overtime pay they deserve, and many are afraid to ask questions or talk to their employers about their concerns. Although it’s recommended that you speak to an experienced attorney before you decide to confront your employer, it is likely that you will need to meet with your employer for information at some point in the process. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you speak with your employer about potential problems with your overtime pay:

  • It’s not a confrontation—it’s a research mission. Don’t start a fight with your employer or let your emotions get out of control. You are simply here to listen and get some basic answers. Similarly, there’s no need to launch a complaint at this time or threaten to hire an attorney. Just be polite, listen carefully, and get the facts you need. 
  • Make sure you know what to ask and what to listen for. Think about the questions you have before you meet with your employer, and remember to take notes before, during, and after your meeting. Pay special attention to any information regarding overtime exemptions, your employee status or classification, and other reasons given for the unpaid time. 
  • Start keeping documentation as soon as possible. As mentioned above, write down the time, date, and some notes for any meeting with your employer about your unpaid overtime for oil and gas fieldwork. You should also keep your pay stubs, a record of your hours, and any other documentation related to your potential overtime claim. 

How an Experienced Overtime Attorney Can Help

While you shouldn’t threaten your employer with a lawsuit, you should seek out the help of an attorney as soon as possible. With years of experience helping vulnerable workers get the regular and overtime wages they deserve, our overtime attorneys are a valuable legal resource for workers in the oil and gas industry. We can help you determine your rights, guide you through any meetings with your employer, and help you take steps to pursue a successful claim. To get started with a free case review, reach out to us at 888-449-2068.