Leaving an Employer Doesn’t Negate Nurses’ Rights to Recover Unpaid Overtime Pay

Have you left your position at a hospital, doctor’s office, or healthcare facility? Has it come to your attention that you may be owed overtime or other unpaid wages for the time you put in with your former employer? These kinds of employee abuses are rampant in the healthcare industry, and many nurses feel pressure to forget about old problem at previous employers. However, if you believe you still have a claim, don’t fear—it is possible for nurses and healthcare professionals to launch a wage claim against a former employer.

Nurses Don’t Have to Be Currently Employed With the Company or Facility Involved in Their Wage Claims

Although many nurses believe that they can only bring wage claims against their current employers, it is actually a myth. The law allows employees to pursue claims for unpaid wages and overtime against former employers, and there is little difference from cases where employees remain with the employer. However, it is important to note that time limits are in place for wage claims, and leaving an employer could start the clock ticking before you realize that you are still owed for your time.

Do You Need Answers About Overtime Pay for Nurses and Healthcare Professionals?

Before you take steps to hold your employer responsible for wage abuses and unpaid overtime, make sure that you understand your rights and have a legitimate claim. An experienced wage attorney can look over the details in your case, help you gather needed documentation and evidence of the wage abuse, and explain your options for recovering the pay you deserve—and the best part is that your initial case review with our team is completely free, without obligation, and confidential.

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