Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives in Texas Can Easily Be Cheated Out of Overtime Pay

Are you a pharmaceutical sales representative in Texas? If so, it's very possible that you've been cheated out of overtime pay by your employer.

By the nature of their job, pharmaceutical sales representatives are an easy target for employers who want to skimp on overtime pay. Most salespeople work on commission, in addition to a minimal hourly wage, and often lose track of the hours of footwork they put in before closing a deal. At the same time, the ailing economy encourages employers to take advantage of their sales staffs—often via a warning that, if a particular salesperson isn't willing to put in unpaid overtime, he or she may be out of a job.

As any pharmaceutical sales rep knows, the actual, physical act of signing a contract takes only a few minutes. What really eats up valuable hours is a variety of mundane tasks, including:

  • Chasing down leads and “cold-calling” potential contacts
  • Waiting for appointments with busy doctors and administrators
  • Driving large distances (three, four or five hours round-trip) for sales calls
  • Filling out and filing paperwork
  • Receiving training in employer practices and pharmaceutical regulations

Are You Owed Overtime?

According to the law, you are entitled to one-and-one-half times your hourly wage for each hour of overtime you put in (generally speaking, more than 40 hours of work per week). It is, of course, incumbent upon you to keep careful track of the hours you spend doing your job, so that you can prove to your employer that you put in this additional time.

Many companies actively try to dissuade their sales representatives from filing overtime claims, claiming that any extra hours spent traveling, cold-calling, waiting for appointments, etc., are all “par for the course.” It is, however, illegal for an employer to:

  • Refuse to keep a separate record of your hours worked (even if you submit your own records)
  • Actively discourage you from keeping your own records
  • Refuse to compensate you for time spent driving, waiting, etc., in the course of your job

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