How We’ve Helped Bankers, Mortgage Brokers, and Insurance Agents Recover Lost Wages and Overtime

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  • When State & Federal Wage Laws Differ for Banking Workers Sometimes state and federal labor laws differ, which can make it even more difficult for banking employees to get the answers they need about their wage rights.
  • Unpaid Overtime Hours & Secretly Staying Late at the Bank Working in the banking industry sometimes means long hours after your scheduled shift, but are you reporting and getting paid for your overtime hours?
  • Bankers Denied Pay for Unapproved Overtime Hours If you are being denied overtime pay for “unapproved” overtime hours, you may have a claim against your employer. An experienced overtime attorney explains.

    Unfortunately, banking, mortgage, and insurance employees across the nation can face many challenges in getting the overtime pay they deserve, and employers find many ways to deny overtime pay to their workers. A common tactic is to disallow any overtime hours that are not pre-approved, but many employees don’t know they’ll need to work overtime until it happens—and they’re often left working those hours on their own time and without pay.  

    Your Employer Cannot Ignore Your Overtime Hours Simply Because They Were Not “Approved”

    While not every banking, mortgage, or insurance employee is eligible for overtime pay, your employer cannot deny overtime pay to non-exempt employees simply because company policy states that those hours must be “approved” or else you aren’t paid. If you are working overtime hours, and your employer is turning a blind eye to the time you’ve put in, you may have a claim against your employer to recover the wages you are entitled to under the law. 

    If you find yourself putting in a lot of “off the clock” hours because you were unable to get the time pre-approved with your employer, you may want to take action today to learn more about your rights and how to get the overtime pay you are owed. You should be compensated appropriately for all the time you spend at work, and your employer should also be keeping a record of all of the hours you work, including so-called “off the clock” time or “unapproved” overtime hours.  

    How to Get Help if You Suspect You Are Being Denied Overtime Pay

    If you believe your employer is not paying you the overtime pay you are entitled to, reach out to an experienced overtime attorney with Kennedy Hodges today at 888-449-2068. In a free and confidential case evaluation, we can answer your questions, explain more about your rights, and help you take the next steps to recovering the compensation you deserve.