Failing to Report Overtime Hours May Point to Bigger Payroll Issues for Banking Employees

It may come as a surprise to many people, but banking employees are often vulnerable to illegal overtime-pay practices—and, every year, many unfortunate banking employees across the nation are cheated out of the pay they have legally earned for their long hours. Because of these issues, banking employees may often feel compelled to stay late at work, knowing they will not be paid for their time. Many of these employees may even go as far as concealing overtime hours from their supervisors, “secretly” laboring away without pay. But why would bank employees attempt to hide the fact that they’re staying late without pay?   

Are You Secretly Staying Late Because You’re Feeling Pressured to Work for Free?

Some banking industry employers discourage reporting overtime hours, but that doesn’t change the fact that overtime sometimes happens. Many banking employees find themselves in situations where an employer frowns on or ignores overtime, but demands difficult projects be completed on time—leaving employees to work unpaid hours or risk losing their jobs. Some employees may even feel that the possibility of a promotion or pay raise hinges on working these unpaid hours. 

Are You Secretly Staying Late Because You’re Afraid to Let Your Supervisor Know?

Many banking employees wrangle with a fear of reporting overtime hours to their supervisors or on their timesheets. Many banks require that any overtime hours be approved ahead of time, but overtime hours can be difficult to predict. Additionally, employees may fear punishment for working more hours than allowed by the employer’s policies. 

However, the truth is that your employer can’t deny legitimate overtime pay—or turn a blind eye to your hours—by simply making it too complicated or risky to actually get the wages you deserve. 

Getting Fast, Easy, and Free Answers to Your Questions About Overtime Pay in the Banking Industry

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