Konica Minolta Overtime Case Update

Posted on Apr 16, 2013

Case Settled 

$4,350,000 (Attorney's fees recovered were $1,450,000)

Case Update: April 16, 2013

technical support employeeOn April 10, 2013, United States District Judge Sim Lake preliminarily approved the settlement of this case. All eligible class members will be mailed a claims form by the class action administrator. Forms must be signed and returned in order to participate in the settlement. If you do not receive a Notice for in the mail in the next three to four weeks, you should contact the class action administrator to make sure they have your updated mailing address. You may contact them at:1-866-801-0474 Monday through Friday from the hours of 8AM until 7PM. 

Case Update: November 1, 2011

Technical Support Employees in Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, and Texas have Kennedy Hodges LLP represent their wage claim against Konica Minolta.

Our firm filed a complaint on behalf of current and former technical support employees (including Customer Technicians, Customer Specialists, and others) against Konica Minolta business solutions USA, Inc. Since we filed in August 2010, Kennedy Hodges has actively been representing our clients.

Nature of the violation

The complaint states that Konica required and permitted employees to work over 40 hours a week, but did not compensate employees at their overtime rate, a violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act. Konica's technical support workers perform maintenance and repair work on digital and mechanical products sold by Konica. As part of its company policy Konica also requires its technical support workers to attend online training sessions.

Who is affected?

This active case is a collective action to recover unpaid overtime compensation owed to former employees and on behalf of all other similarly situated employees, current and former.

This case affects workers nationwide, including employees in: 

Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, and Texas.

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Read the complaint here.