Scotts Lawn Service Overtime Case Update

Posted on Nov 12, 2012

Case Update: December 12, 2012

The overtime lawyers at Kennedy Hodges, L.L.P. are currently investigating potential claims of current and former lawn maintenance workers and sales representatives for Scotts LawnService in Pennsylvania and all other states where Scotts does business. Our ongoing investigation has found that these employees in Pennsylvania worked more than forty (40) hours per week for but they were not paid the correct overtime rates required under the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Pennsylvania Minimum Wage Act.

Our findings show that Lawn Maintenance workers and Sales Representatives in Pennsylvania were paid under the fluctuating workweek method of pay, also known as Chinese Overtime. Under this method of pay, the more overtime an employee works, his/her overtime rate of pay becomes lower.

In Pennsylvania, it has been ruled that the fluctuating workweek or “Chinese Overtime” does not comply with the state labor laws and no longer is a legal way to pay employees. This is great news for Pennsylvania employees, especially ones who have worked or are working for Scotts LawnService, as now they can get the money they have earned.

If you are a Lawn Technician or Sales Representative for Scotts Lawn Service, you need to contact us now at 1-855-947-0707. We are offering free case reviews for employees who were paid under the “Chinese Overtime” system of pay and work for Scotts Lawn Service currently or in the past 3 years.