Attention Oil and Gas Field Service Technicians: You May Be Owed Thousands of Dollars in Unpaid Wages!

oil field technician You might be owed thousands of dollars in unpaid overtime!

Field service engineers, field service technicians, tool pushers, mud engineers, and other field service workers are a vital part of a company's operations, especially for oil and gas companies. Unfortunately, these workers are often misclassified as exempt employees and are not paid overtime. However, this is usually not legal.   Most oil and gas field service workers are entitled to receive overtime pay and may not be classified as exempt, as their job duties do not fulfill all necessary requirements for exemption. Sometimes, companies agree to pay technicians a "per day" or "per job" rate, regardless of the hours it takes to complete the task. While this sometimes may work to your advantage, especially if the job is not very time consuming, it also can be a disadvantage if you are required to spend long hours on the task.   Employers often fail to pay these workers overtime, which is illegal. Even though you have a "per day" or "per job" rate, that still does not exclude you from receiving overtime pay. If you are a non-exempt employee, then you are legally entitled to receive overtime. Therefore, if you are a field service technician and have worked more than 40 hours per work week, you may be entitled to receive unpaid overtime compensation.  As a field service technician, you may be owed wages for unpaid work time that includes:

  • Calling in to check your day's schedule
  • Travel time to your first job site
  • Travel time between job sites
  • Meetings
  • Other unpaid work-related activities
  • Safety meetings.
  • Paperwork done at home of outside the normal work schedule.

Can I receive overtime if I'm on a salary?

Many field service workers are paid on a salary and believe that they are not entitled to receive overtime. This is not true! Most field service technicians are not exempt and, therefore, are entitled to receive overtime, even if paid a guaranteed salary! Whether you are paid a salary, hourly or on a day rate is only one of many questions that must answered in determining if you are exempt.  

If you are a oil or gas worker, field service technician, or field worker who has worked more than 40 hours per week and not received compensation for overtime, then you need to speak with an unpaid overtime attorney today. Contact a Houston unpaid wages lawyer at Kennedy Hodges L.L.P. for a free case review and discussion about your rights to compensation for working overtime.

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