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If your employer owes you money, don't wait to make your claim. Contact the wage and hour attorneys at Kennedy Hodges L.L.P. today for a free case evaluation.

Employers deprive their workers of billions of dollars in wages to which they are lawfully entitled each year throughout the United States. Whether or not this is intentional, every employee deserves to be paid properly for their labor. If you are being cheated out of your wages, or suspect that something doesn't quite add up, contact a unpaid wages lawyer at Kennedy Hodges for a free consultation. We will review your pay stubs and wage information to make sure you're receiving the wages to which you are eligible.  

If you suspect that your employer is cheating you out of wages, order a free copy of The 10 Biggest Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Wage & Overtime Claim, written by the employment lawyers at Kennedy Hodges, L.L.P. This book contains the information your employer doesn't want you to know!

Lawmakers are discussing minimum wage and overtime law reform and changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act - Act now to claim any overtime or back wages you are eligible for before the government makes any changes to the federal labor laws! Send us a contact form to start on your case before wage and hour laws are reformed!

Fear of Being Fired

I know I'm owed money, but will I get fired if I do anything about it?

That's a fair question that we often hear. Fortunately, the law makes it illegal for any employer to retaliate against an employee who demands their fair pay under the law. Companies are subject to both criminal and civil penalties for taking any action against an employee. Judges enforcing these laws come down hard on employers who retaliate against employees. You are armed with this hammer because the wage and overtime laws recognize there is an imbalance of power between employers and employees - that's why the law encourages you to speak up without fear of reprisal. If you are concerned about retaliation, your fears should be put to rest after reviewing the information on this site. We have represented hundreds of employees in wage disputes against their employers without any action taken against them.

Thinking about filing a complaint through the Department of Labor? Think Again.

Think twice before heading to the Department of Labor (DOL) for help.  If your employer is violating the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and depriving you of the wages to which you are lawfully eligible, the Department of Labor has no motive to get you proper compensation. We currently represent employees who filed with the DOL, but received an offer that was unacceptable.  

We Represent the Underdog

The overtime lawyers at Kennedy Hodges never represent employers. Born and raised in working class families, we know what it's like to earn your own keep. We don't agree with corporate titans who treat their employees like expendable commodities. We fight for the underdog, for the employee, for YOU - the worker who has been wrongfully cheated out of your wages.

While other overtime attorneys may want you to hire them and sign some paperwork before they give you any information, our philosophy is drastically different. Our website is devoted to providing information to help you and answer your questions about overtime and wage cases. We will also talk to you about your situation, answer your questions, let you know whether we think you even need an attorney and help you figure out where to go from there - all without ever hiring us. Just give us a call at 1-855-947-0707.

We represent all workers, including workers with questions about their immigration status, who have suffered a wage violation, and who have previously filed with the DOL. We aggressively litigate claims in federal court against small, medium, and large companies who violate the FLSA. We fight to obtain compensation for our clients who work in various jobs and industries, including:
  • Nurses, healthcare workers, and technical workers
  • Oil and gas workers, field workers, and field service technicians
  • Call center or customer service employees
  • Cable installers
  • Loan officers, loan consultants, loan processors, and mortgage industry employees
  • Repair technicians
  • Retail store employees
  • Computer and IT employees
  • Janitors
  • Waiters, waitresses and other tipped employees
  • Dry cleaner workers
  • Construction workers
  • Accounting personnel
  • Secretaries, payroll clerks, and general admin personnel
  • Independent contractors or contract workers
  • Interns

Don't let your employer steal your wages any longer!

If your employer is depriving you of the wages you are rightfully owed, you need to contact a wage and hour lawyer at 888-894-0119 to schedule a free consultation and case review. An overtime attorney at Kennedy Hodges L.L.P. will fight to ensure that you receive all that you are owed.