Employees Denied Rightful Wages Must Pursue Their Claim Carefully

Galvin B. Kennedy
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Galvin Kennedy is a founding partner of Kennedy Hodges. He focuses his practice to overtime and wage claims.
10 Biggest Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Wage & Overtime Claim


As an employee, it is your legal right to receive the compensation that you are entitled to. Unfortunately, some employers try to get around paying all of the wages and overtime that their employees rightfully deserve. You may have to pursue a claim against your employer in order to protect your legal rights. Arming yourself with knowledge about this process can help you get started on the path towards a successful claim.

Read This Book to Learn Valuable Information About Your Wage Claim

Our free guide, The 10 Biggest Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Wage and Overtime Claim, will provide you with important information about your wage and overtime claim. In addition to helping you avoid the 10 most common mistakes that can inadvertently weaken your claim, you will also learn the following:

  • A road map for what you can expect from an overtime claim, from the initial violation to your ultimate recovery.
  • How many employers violate wage and overtime laws because it saves them money and so few employees stand up and take action.
  • Common scams that ultimately aim to cheat you out of your wages.
  • How working with the Department of Labor without an attorney in your corner can actually hurt your claim.
  • What your overtime claim may be worth.
  • What to expect in terms of attorney fees.
  • Answers to the 20 most frequently asked questions about wage and overtime claims.

Unfortunately, too many employees make the mistake of thinking they do not need legal assistance when pursuing a claim for unpaid wages and overtime against their employer. Hiring an attorney helps to level the playing field against an employer that likely has significant resources at its disposal. When you are ready, we strongly encourage you to get started learning more by filling out our short form below to request a free copy of this valuable book. 

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