Parents of Children With Cerebral Palsy May Have a Claim for Compensation

Cerebral Palsy: What You Need to Know

Having a child receive a diagnosis of cerebral palsy is a frightening experience for any parent. You are likely facing many questions, several of which may not have clear or satisfying answers. It is important to remember during this difficult time that you are not alone. More than 764,000 Americas have cerebral palsy, and 10,000 infants are diagnosed with the condition each year in the United States. You may also be entitled to compensation if your child’s cerebral palsy is a result of medical negligence. This compensation is important because the ongoing costs of treatment and rehabilitation for cerebral palsy can place a substantial financial burden on families. We hope that this free book will provide you with a great deal of valuable information as you begin to navigate the process of learning more about your child’s condition and how best to protect your family’s legal rights.

What You’ll Learn in This Vital Book About Cerebral Palsy

In addition to essential information about the condition itself, this valuable book will also provide you with the following:

  • An overview of the various treatment options for cerebral palsy and their costs
  • The long-term prognosis for cerebral palsy patients
  • When you can sue as a result of your child’s cerebral palsy diagnosis
  • Who can file the lawsuit and which parties can be sued
  • How to choose the right attorney for your family
  • How to win a cerebral palsy lawsuit
  • What types of damages may be available to you
  • Sources of financial assistance that may be available to your family
  • How to provide for your child when they reach adulthood

This guide also provides an outline of the steps you can expect to encounter if you opt to pursue a cerebral palsy lawsuit. In addition, you will read inspirational stories from people diagnosed with cerebral palsy about their accomplishments and the satisfying and full lives they are leading. We understand that it is just as important for you to hear uplifting stories like these as it is to learn more about the legal process for pursuing a claim during this difficult time.

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