Exotic Dancer Gives Passionate Statement and Expresses Gratitude to the Attorneys at Kennedy Hodges L.L.P.

I wanted to express my gratitude to the lawyers that worked on the Scarlett’s Cabaret case. I wanted to explain my purpose for opening up this case. At first, I knew there was something seriously wrong with what I was experiencing in the adult entertainment industry when I worked at Scarlett’s in 2011-2013. I became aware of the rights that were being violated, but as the case continued, I've learned that it was much more serious than just fair labor law rights. 

When I started the Facebook private group page and two groups messaging threads, I started to interact with the class members and discovered a deeper problem. Some class members discussed with me the issue with sex trafficking in the Adult Entertainment Industry. As the media articles started circulating, numerous organizations and activists supporting fellow representatives, the class members, and myself contacted me.    

The biggest dilemma is that people don’t really understand the scope of human/sex trafficking aka Modern Slavery. Melissa Farley Ph.D., from UCLA and Executive Director of Prostitution Research & Education released a case study and emailed it to me. View the full case study here.

This is why I've been so passionate about this case because it's bigger than just labor law rights.

Adonay E.