Approachable Houston Attorney Dedicated to Texas Employees Houston attorney Galvin Kennedy explains that the Law Offices of Kennedy Hodges has a different philosophy than other law firms. He describes how their firm operates in this video. To learn more about Kennedy Hodges and to find an approachable lawyer, watch this video clip. The Law Offices of Kennedy Hodges caters to employees and not corporations, which means we operate very differently. We are not stuffy lawyers who aren’t approachable. Instead, we strive to be approachable to every single client and even potential clients. If you want to talk to any lawyer in our office, you can call and speak to attorney Galvin Kennedy or any one of the other attorneys in the office. You might not need a lawyer for your case, you may need a different lawyer for your case, or we might be the right fit for your legal needs. Whatever the case, we will explain to you your legal options and help you as much as possible. We also have set up a website to answer many of your questions to empower you with education during this difficult time. If you would like to speak with us, please call the Law Offices of Kennedy Hodges at (888) 449-2068 or send us your questions to us via email on our online contact form.