Are Independent Contractors Owed Overtime Pay in Texas? If you are like most independent contractors, you more than likely believe you are not eligible for overtime pay. This belief is untrue, and Houston employment lawyer David Hodges discusses this in detail. Watch this video to learn more about your legal rights to overtime pay under Texas law. Finally learn the answer to the question: What is overtime pay for independent contractors?  Many companies classify their workers as independent contractors by mistake, and some companies do this with full knowledge that they are violating the law. Businesses may classify workers as a contract worker because they may want to avoid paying employees overtime wages. This misclassification often results in workers being underpaid. Sometimes, this results in thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in back pay owed to the worker. If you are an independent contractor and you believe you have been underpaid for your work due to overtime hours that were required, you may be eligible for back pay. Do not let that company get away with this at your expense. You can read more about your rights in a book that attorneys David Hodges and Galvin Kennedy wrote. Simply fill out the form on our website,, to request a FREE copy of this book today, or call us at (888) 449-2068 and we can schedule a free consultation with you at your convenience.