Beware of Overtime Scams, Says Texas Employment Lawyer If you are required to work overtime and are not being compensated for your hours, your employer may be violating Texas overtime laws. There are scams that many companies use to try and avoid paying employees overtime. Watch this video as Texas employment lawyer David Hodges discusses these common scams. Typical scams employers engage in may include take-home work, preapproval requirements, required meetings and trainings, and on-call work. You may be eligible for back pay if your employer requires you to take home work but refuses to pay you for the hours worked at home, if an employer does not pay you for overtime because you did not get prior permission to work extra hours, if your employer requires you to attend a training session or meeting but doesn’t compensate you for the time, and if you have to be ready to report to work in a short amount of time during an on-call shift. Many companies violate the law intentionally and others unintentionally. In either case, overtime must be paid if the employer knows or should have known that the employee was working after hours. To discuss your potential case in detail, call us at (888) 449-2068 or email us through our online contact form and we will answer your legal questions. You can also read our frequently asked questions and other free resources on our website, including a FREE book about wage and overtime laws written by Houston employment lawyers David Hodges and Galvin Kennedy. Order your complimentary copy today by filling out our online form.