Hip and Knee Replacement Patients are at Risk for Serious Infections after Surgery

If you’ve had hip or knee implant surgery, you were probably a little worried going into it. Would it hurt? Would your recovery be tough? How long until you’d walk again?

You probably did not think about the possibility of a serious infection.

Unfortunately, serious infections can result from hip and knee implant surgeries. Infections that may require hospitalization, additional surgery, IV antibiotics, and even removal or replacement of your implant.

Dealing with this kind of serious infection can be very hard. But did you know that if this happened to you in the last five years, you may be entitled to compensation?

At Kennedy Hodges, we know how these kind of infections can be avoided. We know what can contribute to these infections. We know your rights, and we know how to get you the compensation you deserve for your suffering. Best of all, in most cases it is not your doctor or even the hospital at fault! So you do not have to feel bad about a lawsuit.

If you have had knee or hip implant surgery in the last five years that resulted in a serious infection, please call this number immediately. Time is limited, but we will help you understand your rights. Call us today.