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http://www.texasovertimeattorney.com When you are considering pursuing a Texas overtime claim against your employer, you need to make sure you are placing your case in the hands of someone who has your best interest in mind and knows the Texas employment laws. Houston employment lawyer Galvin Kennedy explains in this video why you should hire his law firm for your wage dispute case.

The overtime attorneys at the Law Offices of Kennedy Hodges do not take every case. Before agreeing to represent you, they will ask you a set of questions that are based on your job.  For example, if you are a nurse you will be asked different questions than a computer professional.  These questions help the lawyers decide if you have a valid claim.  Once the validity of your case has been determined, one of our skilled Houston wage dispute lawyers will meet you face-to-face in order to walk you through the process. They will even drive or fly to you, and provide you with two options – file a lawsuit or send a demand letter. They will discuss both options with you to determine what serves your case best.

For more information about your potential employment claim, call our qualified Texas employment lawyers at the Law Offices of Kennedy Hodges to discuss the details of your case in a free, no-obligation consultation. Call our offices at (888) 449-2068, or visit our website http://www.texasovertimeattorney.com to view our informative articles, blogs, frequently asked questions and answers, and other free resources.