Houston, TX Employment Lawyer Discusses Employer Violations

http://www.texasovertimeattorney.com/ Houston employment lawyer Galvin Kennedy discusses violations that employers may be guilty of, and what actions employees can take against their unscrupulous employers. Watch this video to learn more about your legal options regarding Texas employment law violations. The Law Offices of Kennedy Hodges dedicated a portion of their website to employment law so that employees can visit this site and walk away with answers to their questions. When employees are mad at their employers for withholding wages, they either want to take action, get answers to questions, or speak with an attorney. This website will provide answers to a myriad of questions about common violations such as improperly classifying someone as exempt from overtime or treating an employee like an independent contractor who is technically an employee. There are different questions and answers depending on different industries. If you are ready to take action against your employer or if you have employment law questions, call our experienced Houston employment attorneys at the Law Offices of Kennedy Hodges at (888) 449-2068. You can also send your questions to us via email on our online contact form. Please take advantage of our free book, written by attorney Galvin Kennedy, which will answer many of your questions.