How much will I be owed for the overtime wages that I should be paid? Meal Break Violations

There is a federal statute of limitations in this case that allows you to recover pay for overtime hours worked within two (2) years of joining the lawsuit by completing a Consent Form and returning it to us. If we can prove the company willfully violated the law, the statute of limitations may be extended to three (3) years.

Here we will calculate the wages we claim are owed to every nurse who joins this lawsuit by adding up all of the hours each nurse worked without pay each week, and then multiplying those hours by 1.5 times their regular hourly rate. For example, if a nurse is normally paid $30 per hour, we would claim she is owed $45 for every one hour period he worked through a meal period each week.   For a nurse who works four shifts and is deducted 30 minutes per shift, that comes to around $90 per week.

We also seek double that amount owed for every week under the “liquidated damage” provision of the Fair Labor Standards Act. In the hypothetical example above, that would equate to $180 per week worked.

If you are subject to the 30-minute automatic meal deduction policy and are responsible for direct patient care, you may fill out this form to join the lawsuit.

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