How Much are you Owed for an Exotic Dancer Lawsuit Claim?

Have you ever danced for Sapphire Strip Club?

If so, you could be due wages. Kennedy Hodges, LLP represents an exotic entertainer who worked for Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club for claims of unpaid wages.  Kennedy Hodges, LLP is currently looking for exotic dancers who worked at Sapphire Strip Club in Las Vegas and were classified as independent contractors. If you were an exotic entertainer at Sapphire Strip Club at any time from November 20, 2012 through the present and would like to take action to recover your back wages, please contact us today.

The Lawsuit is currently pending in Federal Court in the District Court of Nevada. The Lawsuit claims that Sapphire Strip Club classifies its exotic entertainers as independent contractors to avoid complying with Federal minimum wage and overtime laws.  Further, the Lawsuit claims that exotic entertainers are required to pay fees such as house fees, leave early fees, and pay tip-outs to management, DJs, and other employees. Please fill out the consent form today or call us at 1-800-960-4592 for more information. 

10 Most Asked Questions by Exotic Dancers Regarding Wage Claims

Consent Form1. What experience do you have representing dancers in wage cases?

We have represented hundreds of dancers across the country in wage claims against some of the largest chains of gentlemen clubs. Since 2012 alone, we have recovered millions of dollars for dancers. We also have years of experience representing workers in other industries across the country. We have recovered more than $15 million dollars for workers in 2012 and 2013 alone.  You can see a partial list of class and collective action wage cases we have worked on here.

2. I paid a lot of house fees. Can I get the house fees returned me?

Yes. Most courts have ruled that the house fees dancers pay to the clubs each shift amounts to a taking of tips the dancers received from their customers. It is illegal for employers to take employees' tips.  House fees are often more than $50 per shift, so a dancer who works 4 shifts in a week would be owed $200 for that week alone under this theory of recovery.

3. If I ask for hourly wages, won’t I make less money?

No. This is an important mistake many dancers make.  They incorrectly assume that they have two options: (1) make money in the form of tips or (2) make $7.25 per hour.  That is exactly what the clubs want you to believe, but it is wrong.  There is a third option under the law which is explained in the next answer.

4. How much am I owed if I make a claim?

By successfully making a claim for back wages, you would be entitled to

                (1) keep your tips (all of them), plus

                (2) all of your house fees and similar fees, plus

                (3) an hourly rate for every hour you worked, plus

                (4) an overtime rate for every hour over 40 in a single week, plus

                (5) a penalty, called liquidated damages or double damages, equal to the amount of back pay due.

If you contact us, we will provide you with a free estimation of what we would claim you are owed for the last three years (and in some cases even further back).

5. Do I have a claim if I signed an independent contractor agreement?

Yes. Nearly all cases across the country, from New York to California, have held that dancers are employees, not independent contractors.  In nearly all of them, the dancers had signed a written contract stating they were agreeing to be contractors. The courts do not give much weight to these labels, but instead look at the true relationship between the club and dancers.

6. I make way over minimum wage in tips. Isn’t that enough under the law?

No. The law requires employers like adult clubs to pay their employees direct wages. The fact that you received tips from customers does not relieve the club of that obligation.  You are allowed to keep the tips from customers and also demand a legal hourly rate from the club. 

7. I stopped dancing over a year ago. How far back can I make a claim?

Under the federal law you can make a claim for unpaid wages for the last two years and the last three years if the wage violation was willful. Under some state laws, dancers can make claims for even longer periods. For example, under New York State law, dancers may pursue their back wages for the last 6 years. In California, dancers may pursue their claim for the last 4 years. Click on the map at the top of our homepage to see your state’s specific time period for making wage claims.

8. What if I don’t have any proof of the days and hours I worked?

The vast majority of hour dancer clients and other clients with wage claims do not have a single document to show the hours they worked. The law does not require you to have documents. Instead, the law requires the clubs to keep track of the days and hours employees work. We routinely ask for the documents from clubs that show the dates and times you worked and the amount of house fees you paid. If no records are kept, then the law allows you to come up with a good faith estimation of the hours you worked.

9. Can I be fired or making a claim?

Federal and state laws strictly prohibit any form of retaliation against an employee for exercising their rights under the law. We will immediately bring to the attention of the court any action taking by an employer and ask for the appropriate remedy including reinstatement and payment of back wages.

10. Do you charge for a consultation? 

No. We will provide a free consultation and candidly tell you if we think you have a valid claim and the potential value of your claim. The call is confidential.  In fact, if we accept your case, we will not charge you unless we make a recovery on your case. If we do make a recovery, we would charge you a percentage based on the work we’ve done. In other words, you don’t owe us any money unless we make a recovery for you. 

Download your free copy of our book How Much are you owed for an Exotic Dancer Lawsuit Claim? for a helpful guide. For more information about how Kennedy Hodges L.L.P. has handled current exotic dancer cases, visit our press kit here:

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