Overtime Pay Questions Answered by Texas Employment Lawyer

http://www.texasovertimeattorney.com/ Texas employment lawyer David Hodges of the Law Offices of Kennedy Hodges discusses in detail one of the most common questions employees ask employment lawyers regarding overtime pay and salaried positions. Watch this video to find out the answer to this question in order to empower yourself and take action if needed. If you are paid a salary, you may still be owed overtime pay. Just because you are in a salaried position does not mean you lose your rights to overtime pay in Texas. Whether you paid by salary, hourly, commission or in some other manner, does not dictate whether or not you can collect overtime wages. You may still be eligible for overtime pay even if you have signed an overtime agreement stating that you agree not to be paid overtime. An agreement not to be paid overtime is void under Texas law. The law focuses on the details of your job duties. Our lawyers of Kennedy Hodges have identified these details in our book that you can order for FREE on our website, https://www.kennedyhodges.com/. Simply fill out the contact form and request your complimentary copy of our book. Contact our skilled Houston, Texas employment lawyers at the Law Offices of Kennedy Hodges at (888) 449-2068 today for a free legal consultation regarding your Texas overtime pay questions. You can also read the free resources on our website, including blogs, articles, frequently asked questions and more.