Texas Labor Lawyers Handle Wage Claims with Discretion

http://www.texasovertimeattorney.com If you have been cheated out of your wages and do not know how to stand up to your employer or what your rights are, you have come to the right place. The Texas labor lawyers of Kennedy Hodges have helped thousands of employees discretely fight for their rights and hard-earned wages. Watch attorney David Hodges in this video as he explains how our law firm handles Texas wage and overtime claim cases and the involvement we have with our clients. If you are still employed by the company that you have a wage claim with, we understand that these matters can be delicate. We want you to know that you can call our law firm, and we will answer your questions and provide you with the best information so that you can make an informed decision. We will keep your information private and work discretely with you until we have permission from you to take formal action against your employer. Most employers will generally want this situation to be kept quiet, since they do not want others to know they violated the law or that they ended up paying an employee a large settlement. Although we sometimes can gain more leverage by exposing employers’ poor practices, we promise to handle the case for your best interest and at your discretion. We have recovered back wages and overtime pay for thousands of employees just like you, and can do it discretely. If you know that you are due overtime pay or back wages, please call our experienced Houston labor lawyers at Kennedy Hodges at (888) 449-2068 for a free, no obligation consultation. You can also visit our website http://www.texasovertimeattorney.com to order our FREE book: Ten Biggest Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Wage & Overtime Claim.