Hospitals Kronos systems automatically deduct meal periods from Methodist Employees

Nurses in Texas are not unique in the health care industry. In fact, all nurses around the country are responsible for direct patient care which creates a demand for their time during the entire shift. They can’t simply turn off their duty to care off their duty to care for their patients when they take  meal break. On the contrary nurses around the counuty continue to be responsible for their patients and respond to their needs, calls from other nurses, doctors, patients’ families, . . .  around the clock.

These demands combined with the use of “automatic meal deductions” has lead to nurses around the country speaking up about this wage theft.   Our research shows nearly two dozen lawsuits filed against hospital who don’t require nurses to clock out and in for their meal periods. Instead they automatically deduct 30 minutes from each shift even when no meal period is taken or they continue to work through their meal period.