Two Tips to Recovering More Money in a Texas Wage Claim If you are worried about pursuing a legal claim against your employer because it may be costly for you, think again. Texas overtime attorneys Galvin Kennedy and David Hodges of the Law Offices of Kennedy Hodges want you to know two tips to recovering more money in your Texas wage dispute case. Watch this video to learn more. Not many people know these critical pieces of information for employment wage cases, but under the law employees can recover liquidated damages if a violation is proven against the employer. Liquidated damages are a fancy legal way to describe double damages. For instance, if your employer owes you $10,000 in back wages, your employer may be required to pay $20,000 due to liquidated damages. They are also required to pay your attorney’s fees, which can save you even more money. For more information about your Texas wage dispute claim, call our Houston overtime attorneys at (888) 449-2068 to schedule a free legal consultation. You can get your questions answered and find out more about your rights by reading our FREE book, Ten Biggest Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Wage & Overtime Claim. You can also view our articles, frequently asked questions and other resources at our website at