TX Employment Lawyer Explains Computer Professional Exemption

http://www.texasovertimeattorney.com/ If you are a computer professional, and you believe you are due overtime wages but don’t think the law will allow it, you need to watch this video, as Texas employment lawyer Galvin Kennedy discusses the computer professional exemption law in detail. There are many people who are IT specialists, web administrators, system administrators, help desk workers, and network engineers who put in long hours and provide their companies with computer support. The majority of these computer professionals believe they are not due overtime wages because they heard of a computer professional exemption law. However, the law was intended to apply towards programmers and coders, and the majority of other computer professionals are able to recover back pay and overtime pay for their work. The computer professional exemption law in Texas does not apply to all computer workers. If you believe you have a legal case against your employer for overtime back pay, please call our experienced Houston, Texas employment lawyers at the Law Offices of Kennedy Hodges at (888) 449-2068 or visit our website, https://www.kennedyhodges.com/ today and send us your questions via email. We will be happy to answer your legal questions and explain your rights regarding the computer professional exemption law.