Understanding Texas Overtime Violations and Your Rights

http://www.texasovertimeattorney.com/ If you believe your employer is violating overtime laws, you may have a legal case. To learn more about the overtime and wage laws, watch this video where Houston employment lawyer David Hodges discusses your legal rights to overtime pay. Many companies are in violation of overtime laws because they force employees to complete job tasks before clocking in or after clocking out. This is considered working off the clock and is an overtime violation under Texas law. Some companies use other tactics to avoid paying their employees overtime, including: averaging hours over two work weeks, refusing to pay overtime because the workers failed to obtain permission to work more hours, and failing to pay workers for breaks lasting between five and twenty minutes, among others. When employers try to avoid paying an employee time and a half or overtime, they may be violating overtime laws. You can learn more about your rights by ordering a FREE book about wage and overtime laws written by Houston employment attorneys David Hodges and Galvin Kennedy. Order your FREE copy today simply by filling out our online form on our website, https://www.kennedyhodges.com/. You can also view other frequently asked questions, articles and educational information by visiting the website. Call us today with any of your overtime claims questions at (888) 449-2068.