Unpaid overtime lawsuit can be filed without record of hours

http://www.texasovertimeattorney.com/  Time and time again, the lawyers at Kennedy Hodges have clients come in who are afraid that they can’t file an unpaid overtime claim since they don’t know how many hours are in question. In fact, they estimate that more than 50% of the time, the client reports that the employer told them that he or she did not have to keep track of their own hours, and the employer never kept track either. What many workers do not realize, however, that it is the employer’s responsibility under the Fair Labor Standards Act to keep record of all of the hours that they employees work, the amount and type of pay they receive, as well as any withholdings or deductions. If the employer fails to do this, then it is actually to the benefit of the employee. The law states that the employee is entitled to make a good faith estimate of the number of overtime hours that he or she worked, based on the average shift and the company’s hours of operation. This video goes on to further explain the idea that you can still file an unpaid overtime wage claim even if you don’t know how many hours you worked. If you have questions surrounding this issue, contact the Texas overtime lawyers at Kennedy Hodges by calling 888.449.2068 for your free copy of their book, the Ten Biggest Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Wage & Overtime Claim and to schedule your complimentary case evaluation. http://www.texasovertimeattorney.com/